How to create more storage space in a small bedroom

Sachin Kaushik
4 min readFeb 24, 2021

Arranging your bedroom essential in a small bedroom is tough. When it comes to storage space in the bedroom, you always feel you need more. Here are some smart and unique ways to create more storage space in your bedroom. In this blog, we have listed all the storage items you can incorporate in an intriguing way to store all essentials. These tips will help you increase the storage space in your small bedroom and provide space with a lot more than you can think.

3-Tier bamboo storage

Box shelves in the bamboo frame are a stylish, contemporary, and chic design that can give you enough space for tidying up your bedroom. The dimension of this storage compartment is 22x11x81cm, which helps maximize the bedroom’s storage.

It is DIY storage that comes with screws and instructions so you can assemble the cabinet yourself comfortably. The sturdy design and look are eye-catching, and the color of the cabinet is subtle, so it blends in with your home.

Slimline multipurpose bathroom storage

Clear the clutter off the bedroom with the help of organized bedroom storage. Slimline multipurpose bathroom storage is a simple and elegant cabinet with a lid.

You can keep extra bedroom essentials in this storage cabinet. It comes as flat-pack furniture and you can assemble the pack to build it as a cabinet. Once you assemble it, you can get free-standing furniture. You can store up books, toddler toys, or clothes easily in this storage cabinet.

Extendable bedroom shelf

Who doesn’t like extra space in the bedroom? In a small bedroom, you don’t get enough space to squeeze in too many storage cabinets. Instead of adding a storage cabinet, you can add an extension along the bed to attach or detach it according to your need. This Bamboo Clip-on BedSide Shelf Tray has extendable arms, and the dimension of the bridge is 35x26x10cm.

If you want to relax and enjoy a meal in the bedroom, you can add the extension and keep the food bowl, phone, tablet, mug for coffee in this space. It comes with features like a built-in mobile slot and coffee holder.

Baskets for bedroom

Stack up all the beddings and extra clothes in the basket. You can buy a Woodluv Set of 2 Elegant Underbed Storage Basket With Lid to organize your bedroom.

The basket is crafted from polypropylene webbing by skilled artisans.These easy to store baskets are built of a sturdy steel frame and have a hinged lid. Lightweight and easy to carry, this basket is a must have. You can keep it under the bed so that it doesn’t mess up with the décor of the room. Collect all the knickknacks from all the corners of the bedroom and dump them in the basket to make your room look clean and tidy.

Seagrass Basket with lid

If you are environment conscious and want to include products that are either recyclable or plant-based, then a seagrass basket is the best option for you. This eco-friendly basket is a stylish solution to all your storage needs.

It is weaved on a metal frame, and the basket has a sturdy design so you can store all the heavy items and decorate them as a décor item in the room. You can keep all the beddings stocked up in this as the basket comes with a lid. These baskets help you keep out -of sight the things you don’t want for daily use. The stuff that is taking too much space in the bedroom, although it has not much use, can be kept in these trunks.

Create space in unexpected places

To create space in a small bedroom is a challenge. If you count out every inch in the bedroom in an innovative way, then your unused spaces can create a lot of storage space. The corners of the room are usually wasted with the rectangular cabinets. You can put a corner laundry basket in the bedroom to stock all your laundry and dirty clothes.

In this way, you will utilize the space in the most useful way.

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