Life Lessons You Can Learn From An Ant

Sachin Kaushik
2 min readMar 12, 2021


Imagine you are sitting at your home & you see an Ant walking

Just put a finger in its path; what does it do? It walks around your hand
Put another obstacle on its way but you will notice that it will soldier on towards its destination

Such are these brave & determined small tiny creatures, which teach us a lot of things

Ants not only teach us to be brave & overcome little diversions in our journey, but also many other things

1. Unity & Teamwork — Ants are team workers & work together to accomplish things. One ant might seem too tiny, but the whole colony can achieve greatness

2. Never give up — When the ant is heading somewhere, even if you put a rock in front of it, it will climb over, walk around or find another way, but will never give up

3. Planning & Organization — Ants collect food in summer as there will be no food in winter. They plan for their scarcity well ahead & rest during winters with no worries

4. Adaptability — Ants are found everywhere from homes to forests. Ants know where to search for resources & adapt themselves to the surroundings

Just like Ants, adapt yourself to situations & plan to overcome your obstacles. Never Give Up!

What do you learn from ants?