New ways to use kitchen storage containers

Sachin Kaushik
3 min readMar 9, 2021


Kitchen storage is never enough. While making the layout of your kitchen, you always need to brainstorm and make the best use of the existing space. Here are some ways to utilize kitchen storage containers to give your kitchen an organized and elegant look.

A wide range of materials can be kept on them which can be accessed from each side. It does not block passages and is very handy and versatile to use.

  • Make good use of the little corners-This technique very efficiently frees up a lot of space and is useful in places where there is limited space. Placing small and colourful containers in the corners not only saves space but also enhances the look of the kitchen.
  • Using the tops of the cabinets-tops of the cabinets are always good to store the extra pantry supplies which are not required at the present moment. Special-occasion serving plates can also be stored there.
  • Use your windows as storage- this is also a decorative effort and a clever way of using space. Extra jars and unused kitchen products can be placed in an innovative way on the window sill. A small window garden can also be set up which will give your kitchen an eco-friendly look.
  • Hang most of the things that you possibly can-hanging things will free up your cabinet and also contribute to decorating your kitchen. You can place hooks and hang kitchen utensil holders for better accessibility.
  • Add shelf risers-this doubles up the storage capacity and also gives your kitchen a very modern and attractive look.
  • Stack pans and lids-remove the need for out-of-sight, out-of-reach items by stacking pans and their lids or placing them next to each other. This can be done either in a drawer or on the shelves. Lid and pot storage racks can also be purchased to give your kitchen a neat look.
  • Use the insides of cabinet doors- small items can be stored inside cabinet doors. A blackboard can also be fixed which can be used to write reminders, shopping lists, or notes.
  • Install a magnetic knife bar- magnetic knife holders are more hygienic than wooden ones. They can be attached to the walls and are safer for children. Wooden racks absorb water and develop bacteria and they are also difficult to clean. Magnetic knife holders are handier and easier to use.


There are limitless possibilities when it comes to kitchen storage. Kitchen furniture UK gives you a variety of creative and free-standing storage ideas. Using a little bit of organizational skills, you can beautify, design and decorate your kitchen according to your wish.

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