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Sachin Kaushik
4 min readFeb 26, 2021

It occurs when the coldest and chilly season of the year is all set. The cold climate is spreading eventually and is building the superb weather. If you are furnishing your room or living room, you’re probably thinking of adding blankets and throws.

Blankets are perfect for making your bed or couch look fluffy and cloud-like. They help to trap radiant bodily heat that otherwise would be lost through convection and keeps you warm and cozy.

High-quality throws are versatile when it comes to bringing you a feeling of warmth and comfort. If chosen correctly, throws and blankets can be a great addition to your home. We have brought up throws of different fabrics and colors so that they can fit in with all home decor. Blanket throws are both pragmatic and stylish, serving as both a sophisticated and cosmopolitan home decor element as well as a comfortable blanket.

Buying Guide for Throws and Blankets

Here we are going to help you choose the best throw and blankets. There are different types of throws and blankets that serve different purposes. Whether you want to keep it in your bedroom for extra warmth or in your living room for a voguish and debonair look. These can be the perfect addition to any space.

They are not usually meant to put on your bed but sofas or couches at any corner of your room. They are soft, very warm, and can be easily washed at home. Fleece blankets are the right choice for people who have sensitive skin or allergies yet still need a blanket that provides a lot of warmth. Elite Housewares has designed fleece thermal blankets that hold warmth while being lightweight.

These are single-layered throws and blankets. The reversible ones are a bit heavy and much warmer. They keep you warm throughout. Users don’t have to worry about which is the right side; both sides work evenly. These set the perfect example of cotton throws for sofas.

As these are made of cotton, they are long lasting, soft, breathable. They don’t trap in the air, which prevents your body from direct contact with the cold breeze. The throws and blankets are enduring and easy to maintain.

These throws and blankets are lightweight and comparatively thinner in shape compared to double-layered ones. These are perfect throws for beds, which you can lay at any time of the year. They are thermal throw blankets which are made in such a way that it gives you the complete soft luxurious feel. These blankets and throws can also be used around the year because they are not too heavy in construction.

Some of the most colorful and beautiful throws and blankets incorporate handwoven style. They not only add a soft touch to the blanket but also make them look elegant and exquisite. The knitted throw is a fashion statement itself. They enhance the glamour of your living space, turning them more magnificent and graceful. They are the perfect example of blankets with a wide range of colors and texture. Check out the very best in unique and custom collection hand woven pieces from our blankets and throws.

EHCs high quality hand woven light cotton blankets for beds are all set to bring you warmth and comfort. We also have extra-large throws for a four-seater sofa to create comfy and restful vibes in your living space.

Perfectly patterned and remarkably soft throws and blankets are perfect for chilly nights .

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