Wicker Storage Baskets — An Amazing Idea to Organise Your Interior and Enhance the Look

Sachin Kaushik
3 min readMar 12, 2021


Storage baskets are essential to organise your belongings, and there could be nothing better when they are lovely enough to enhance the overall effect of the place. Yes! Wicker baskets can provide you with that experience. These handcrafted pieces made out of natural resources are a real pleasure to have. You can use them for different purposes, and they will automatically highlight the location where they will be placed in your home.

Features of the baskets

  • These beautiful substances have become a must-have in the majority of households. Since they are made from the plant-based resource, they are fully safe for storing food and associated goods. For this reason, they are immensely popular in the kitchen and dining space along with other usages.
  • Moreover, these baskets are affordable and easily available in various shapes and measurements to meet everyone’s needs. Though they are mostly seen in wooden brown tones, the white ones look elegant. They come with or without a lid, handle and locking system.
  • Woodluv small white wicker storage basket with white removable and washable lining is an all-purpose storage box from the house of Elite Housewares. The matte white finish has a fresh elegance, and the best part of it is the soft, fabric lining which protects the contents and also the box itself from dust and dirt. This will help you in organising goods and adding a contemporary touch to your décor setting.
  • Such objects make great gifts on Christmas, housewarming, Mothers’ Day or other small occasions. The receiver will love it even if she already has a few, because of its versatile nature.
  • They are also available in nested sets so that they will not occupy much space when not in use. To save space, you can stack the loaded ones with lids. White blends nicely with every theme of decoration. And you can also get them in your preferred hue to match the home décor.
  • Let’s come into its multiple usages. There’s no such area where you cannot use it. Actually, there is no limit. These woven strap storage baskets are massively used in the kitchen for storing fresh fruits, vegetables and dry fruits.
  • They are often used to carry breakfast from the kitchen to the dining table. You can keep bread, biscuits, milk bottles, cereals, towels, cutlery and anything in it.
  • Even these are commonly used for carrying cooked foods to the picnic spot because they don’t absorb the smell nor they have any toxic effect. To make it more convenient, use a de-attachable cotton lining.

You can use it in your toddler’s room for his garments, diapers, toys, activity books. Even you can carry his food, clothes, and other accessories in it while going on a short trip or picnic.

The large ones can be used as an alternative to the trunk. You can keep extra beddings, pillows, mosquito nets or curtains in it. They are also used as planter holders. You can add a touch of greenery in your entryway or terrace and also enhance the beauty of indoors.

The options are endless. You just have to utilise your creative mind to organise the home in a stylish way. It allows you to create a pleasant visual appearance without spending much. You can make the most of it in so many places with this low but long term investment.

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